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About Riverbulk

Founded in 1999-Edenton River Barge Company

Launched as the Edenton River Barge Company in 1999, we quickly made our name supporting some of the biggest manufacturing companies in the country, including Nucor Steel, MeadWestvaco, and MiTek Industries, moving thousands of tons of steel, iron ore, and woodchips.

2005-Stevens Towing

In 2005, we formally partnered with Stevens Towing Company, Inc. of South Carolina. With this partnership, we substantially expanded our fleet, increased our operating range, and grew our capabilities. 

2016-Riverbulk Terminal

In 2016, we gave new life to a 50-acre industrial and textile site and built Riverbulk Terminal, which now has 1100 feet of waterfront with a 114-foot ramp to dry-dock large barges for maintenance, a 350-foot bulkhead to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo and materials from vessels, a 100,000 sq foot warehouse, and more.

Today We're Riverbulk

Today, we are Riverbulk,vertically integrated marine transportation company. We combine a full fleet of 30 vessels that deliver the biggest and hardest to transport loads for our customers in the manufacturing and defense industries, sustainably, using America’s waterways.

 Over the years, as we’ve grown, we’ve changed our name, updated our capabilities, and increased the size and range of our fleet to reflect the incredible growth of our business. 

However, from the beginning, we’ve always known that the best, safest, and most sustainable way to build America is through our waterways. 

That is why we are Riverbulk.